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5 Questions: The Ugly Ducklings

Everyone has their favorite and least favorites in the world of professional wrestling and PWX is no different. PWX fans are loyal, fierce, outspoken and have no problem making it known how they feel about you as soon as you step through the curtain. In 5 Questions we'll learn more about the members of the PWX Wrestling roster both inside and outside of the ring. The PWX faithful have been heard once again and you answered with a resounding "QUACK!" the second edition of '5 Questions' was conducted with not 1, not 2, but 3 men known now to PWX Fans as The Ugly Ducklings! Following a massive reception (complete with a rubber ducky filled welcome) I sat down with Rob Killjoy, Lance Lude, and Colby Corino to learn more about the trio that is hopping from pond to pond. 


1. Who are your dream opponents? 

Colby: “I’ve thought about this question for a long time, and at first I might have told you that the Ducks would have great matches with The Elite or The New Day. But then it dawned on me; there's no way any of those chumps could last longer than 8 minutes of the furious quackdown that we will proudly lay on them. So I've set my sights on 3 people who maybe have a shot of pushing us to our DUCKING potential; Teddy Hart, for his unpredictable nature, Mr. George South, whose vast knowledge I will absorb by beating him, and Tessa Blanchard, who is someone I just think deserves to get beat up after she didn't say goodbye to me after What Lies Beneath."

Rob: "Anyone who we step in the ring with. We are my dream team therefore the opponents are merely a formality. But if I had to pick, I would have to say the LWO, The Colony, any trios’ team really. Wait... can I change my answer and just say we'd clone ourselves and then we could be our own dream opponents? Yeah. Sweet!"

Lance: "There are so many names I could throw out there but I won't. I'm very lucky to be in the ring every time I get the chance to step in it, so to me every new opponent I have the chance to face is a dream opponent. Right now we have something really amazing going with Rob, Colby, and myself so i want to focus on building us as a unit and worry about the opponent road once we're 100%!"

2. What is the best advice you've ever been given in life or the wrestling business? 

Colby: "My Uncle Kevin was told by his new uncle, Uncle Stone Cold, that he should never stop running his mouth. He might not have given me that advice, but I definitely stole it."

Rob: "I'd have to say, 'Keep your mouth shut and your eyes and ears open'. Be different. Don't be the next them, be the first you. That and don't eat cheese before noon. 

Lance: “In life it would have to be from my Dad. “Respect everyone, be polite, and kind. If they're not they can kiss you’re a**" (Can i say a**?) "As far as wrestling I find every piece of advice valuable, even the bad. You always learn something new, either to do or not to do."

3. What are your hobbies & interests outside of pro wrestling? 

Colby: “I’m a music snob. My musical tastes are the most refined; Kanye West is the best (On that note, I also absolutely LOVE Tidal, thanks Jay Z!), second place is NSYNC, third is a tie between DeathGrips and Cannibal Corpse. I also am a huge fan of video games! Well, I actually just play Guitar Hero and COD in that offline team death match mode because playing online is full of hackers and people that say they did questionable things with my mother... I also enjoy reading short stories, my favorite being 'Air Bourne Love' by Ski Mask Mallory (Google it)."

Rob: "Brother, all’s I wanna do is wrestle. The other crap throughout the day is just filled with wrestling accessories and wrestling thoughts. I DO wish I slept more!"

Lance: "Being in the clouds, getting lost, making weird faces, leg slapping, making people roll their eyes, acting ridiculous, growing a beard (LIKE A MAN!), crotch thrusting, taking bubble baths, not giving a duck, video games, and cooking."


4. Who are the biggest influences in your career? 

Colby: "My biggest influence would probably be The Shockmaster; his resilience to push through the odds and become a super star regardless of a very, very minor misstep in his debut is truly inspiring."

Rob: "Well it's hard to single out just a couple, I take influences from everywhere. Wrestling (old and new), television, movies, comic books, the backs of 'Cracker Jack' boxes, Reader's Digest, TV Guide and even real-life experiences. It all sticks with me in one way or another." 

Lance: “Much like Rob, it's not just one thing. I try to take something out of everything in life whether it is the way someone reacts to something, the movement of an animal, or hearing how something is said. I'm really big on things that are loud, colorful, and in your face...kinda like me!"

Photo Credit: John Moses


5. What has been the best moment of your career so far? 

Colby: "The best moment of my career so far has been being showered with rubber ducks last month at PWX during our entrance and after our triumphant victory. We thrive on the fans support and energy, so please buy an Ugly Duckling t-shirt and maybe a couple dozen coffee mugs on the PWX merch site.  Quack! Quack!"  Editor's Note: You can follow Colby's request and purchase your Ugly Ducklings and PWX Merchandise at

Rob: “I gotta go with Colby here and say it was the duck shower that took place at PWX "What Lies Beneath". That was the coolest thing in the history of ever and we are just scratching the surface. Ducklings assemble!"

Lance: “I have a couple if that's ok; these past few shows with the Ducks have been crazy DOPE! My best moment would have to be working with The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) as a part of "The Set" for Ring of Honor in the city that my tag partner at the time & i got our start, Very cool memory. Now it's time to make even more amazing quackin memories and  take this Ugly Ducklings ship to the motherduckin moon yo!"

The Ugly Ducklings are just beginning to make a 'splash' and you haven't seen anything yet! Thanks to Colby, Rob, and Lance for sitting down with me to answer '5 Questions'. As always please let me know on twitter @The1andonlyJer which PWX Superstar you'd like to see me sit down with next. Catch The Ducklings along with Zack Sabre Jr, Tim Donst, Los Ben Dejos and the rest of the phenomenal PWX roster May 21st in Gastonia for 'Believe the Hype' and always check back on the main page for updates and the latest from the best wrestling in the Southeast. Some shows are loaded, some are stacked, this is simply Premiere Wrestling Xperience! 


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