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Full Recap: Enter the Dragon

Full Recap: Enter the Dragon

ETD Postcard 

Former three time Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions ReDragon main evented in our return to Hickory, North Carolina in a tag team dream match. Enter the Dragon was a show that featured several new faces to PWX, the return of the man christened "Mr. PWX", The always enthusiastic  capacity crowd was treated to three excellent tag team contests and we may have seen the very last on the independent scene from another success story  born and bred in the Carolinas. Enter the Dragon was far from short on talent and lasting memories and had a little something for everyone as Premiere Wrestling Xperience continues to be THE wrestling destination in the southeast. Let's take a look at a full recap from Enter the Dragon.


The PWX faithful came to their feet and chanted in unison to begin 'Enter the Dragon' as the show kicked off with the first ever  "Quickie" with White Mike! At least I assume it's the first ever quickie Mike has had in front of a cheering audience... on second thought it may not be! The fan favorite hit the ring to kick off PWX with some "stank" but was cut short by The Revolt before he could announce his guest Tracer X (or Tracer SEX as Mike likes to refer to him) Caleb Konley, Zane Riley, and Darius Lockhart took over the show but it wasn't long before Tracer joined them enlisting White Mike to team with him and revealing their third partner to be someone The Revolt was VERY familiar with. Former PWX World Champion "Manscout" Jake Manning returned to PWX to join 'Team Tracer' in the opening six man tag team match.


The Revolt (Caleb Konley, Zane Riley, & Darius Lockhart) defeated Team Tracer (Tracer X, White Mike, & "Manscout" Jake Manning)

 Revolt ETD

Team Tracer takes advantage early of the pure shock from The Revolt at Manning's return and clears the ring of their opponents. The former PWX World Champion, Manning is on fire early with double 'Dusty" elbows to Konley and Riley and Team Tracer follows with Triple punches to the mouth. All six men in the ring now but again Team Tracer sends The Revolt to the floor and it's stereo dives from Tracer and White Mike through the legs of The Manscout! Tremendous teamwork from Team Tracer early on as they use quick tags to keep the fresh man in and tandem offense to stay on top of this one. Some mind games from The Revolt to try and turn the tide as Riley spits in the face of White Mike and that gives the troublesome trio the opportunity to isolate Tracer X in their corner and brow beat the team captain. Tracer battles back to try and make the tag but Zane pulls both of Tracer's opponents off the apron and again he is left to a 3 on 1 numbers game. Caleb Konley and Darius Lockhart work together hitting a STIFF Electric Chair/Knee lift combo but only get a two count of the game team captain. The Revolt again take advantage of the numbers game and a fatigued Tracer X hitting a very nice death valley driver, knee lift, springboard moonsault but White Mike and The Manscout make it back to the ring to break up the fall at the last second. Tracer has no give in him though as he battles back with an ensuguri on Lockhart and finally makes the tag to Manning who hits the DDT/Flatliner combo and pulls the straps down as he feeds into the crowd. White Mike calls for the tag and calls for the "World's Longest Headbutt" but racks himself on the top rope and The Revolt take back control of the match until Tracer X hits a 450 on Lockhart out of nowhere but he's not the legal man and White Mike resets and goes for the "World's Longest Headbutt" but takes a nose dive straight into the mat. Caleb Konley springs into action with the Majhistrah Cradle to pick up the win for The Revolt. Love them or hate them, The Revolt had the experience advantage here (and also weren't binded by the moral restraints of playing by the rules) and they used every bit of that to pick up another big win in PWX.


Joshua Cutshall defeated Chris Mayne

The PWX preshow continues to provide opportunities for advancement to the main roster as we've seen in the past with guys like James Drake and Tracer X. We saw Chris Mayne on the winning side of a six man tag last month at 'Ode to Tradition' that also featured Joshua Cutshal competing for and eventually decimating and abandoning the opposing team, the two now squared off one on one with the chance to make an even bigger impact in PWX. Mayne out of the gate with a schoolboy for a near fall and Cutshall follows with a beheading clothesline, Mayne fires back with a Saito Suplex dumping Cutshall on his already fragile skull... Cutshall seems to be a glutton for punishment (receiving and dishing it out) as he bounced right back kicking the middle rope into the face of Mayne and delivering vicious knee strikes followed by a sit out spinebuster for a near fall. Cutshall calmly and sadistically stalked his opponent but whiffed on a punt and Mayne scored on another high octane kick for a near fall as both men scratched and clawed to reach that next level. It was the unstable, off kiltered Joshua Cutshall scoring with the "REALization" elbow nearly taking Mayne's head off for the victory. Cutshall continues to make an impact at all costs to his opponent and is unlike anyone PWX has seen for quite some time.


'Everyone wants a savior until they realize he's just a false prophet' those are the words spoken by Corey Hollis as he made his way to the ring next to address his former best friend and tag team partner 'The Southern Savior' John Skyler. The team formerly known as The Bruiserweights have had their troubles for several months now but it was just three months ago at Rise of a Champion XII that Hollis officially turned his back on Skyler and the two have been in a war of words ever since. Hollis continued his rant in the ring blaming Skyler for holding him down and being the sole reason he's not 'out of this crap hole of a company' and signed to a contract. The Southern Savior joined Hollis in the ring and told his former Xperience brother if it was a fight he was looking for he needed to look elsewhere. The Xperience reunion continued as former iTV Champion Gunner returned to PWX next and tried to get the two former friends to squash their issues by shaking hands. Hollis wasted no time in refusing the offer telling Gunner that it was Skyler who was the problem before leaving the ring. Gunner then told Hollis if y'all aren't going to fight tonight someone has to as he blindsided Skyler with a clothesline! It was later announced that there would indeed be a fight at Enter the Dragon later on between ''The Modern Day Viking" Gunner and "The Southern Savior" John Skyler!


The Lucha World Order (Jon Cruz & Angel Rose) defeated Pop Culture (Jason Cade & Veda Scott)

Up  next was a scheduled 'mixed tag' match but what the fans in attendance got was a chaotic, high energy, hard hitting tag team match regardless of the intergender aspect of the match. Both teams brought the excitement in this one and the performances of Angel Rose and Veda Scott are some of the best we've seen in PWX from any women in quite some time. The matchup on the other side of this one between two of the most prolific aerial assaulters in PWX's history set this one up to be a potential show stealer and that's exactly what it turned out to be. Veda and Angel started the match off with some back and forth chain wrestling ending in a stalemate and then it was Cruz and Cade's turn but these two were obviously familiar with one another as they had a counter for each of their opponent's offense. All four competitors got involved very quickly with The LWO hitting stereo pump kicks followed by a suicide dive by Cruz through Rose's legs and Rose followed with an INSANE Asai moonsault to the outside!!! Pop Culture dispelled of Jon Cruz and isolated Angel in the middle of the ring employing some tandem offense of their own; as Veda hit a rana and Cade followed with a high elevation splash. Cruz back into the action but he gets hit with a 'Poison Rana' and a German suplex from Veda but Angel Rose broke up the pin at the last second as the action in this tag team match was NON STOP!! Another standoff between Cade and Cruz briefly paused the action as both had their female opponents in a fireman’s carry but came to an agreement to put each other's tag partner down on the count of 3, the ladies ended the brief truce hitting double Canadian destroyers on Cruz and Cade respectively!!! All four back to their feet now and trading shots in the middle of the ring, stereo cutters from The LWO followed by Swantons in unison for a nearfall. STIFF kicks for everyone in a free for all and its Jon Cruz hitting a Stunner and following it up with a Swanton on Cade as The Lucha World Order pick up the win in an excellent match. Following the match Angel Rose was visibly injured and had to be helped to the back, it was later determined she had a dislocated elbow. Upon the last report she had been taken to the Hospital to have her elbow put back into place and will miss a few weeks of action. Premiere Wrestling Xperience wishes Angel a speedy recovery and we hope to see her back in action and in PWX once again very soon.


PWX Innovative Television Champion Elijah Evans IV w/ THE Tommy Thomas defeated Sugar Dunkerton to retain the title

 Sugar Dunkerton

THE Tommy Thomas came to the ring next to introduce his client and the reigning and defending Innovative Television Champion Elijah Evans IV. Evans issues an Open Challenge to anyone (except former champion James Drake)  a few weeks ago, Evans told the live crowd that they should be thanking him for 'defending his title in a crap town like Hickory' Evans then asked for his opponent and the ITV Champion received Sugar Dunkerton in his PWX debut!! Sugar was fired up for this opportunity and went right to work on the champion controlling the early going with a big running knee to the face and a flying cross body for a two count. Elijah halted some of the high energy that Sugar brings with a lifting knee breaker as the Champion looked to take control , Sugar fired back but the heavy hands of Elijah Evans IV put the challenger right back down on the mat. Sugar fires back with a headbutt and some punches of his own and goes high risk to the top rope with another headbutt on Evans in a seated position that comes one half of a second away from winning Dunkerton the ITV Title. Elijah fires back with a spear and goes to the top rope himself hitting the picture perfect elbow drop but Dunkerton kicks out at the last possible second. Evans IV follows up quickly hitting what he calls The Drill Bit 2.0 (a move originally used by James Drake) and Evans scores the pinfall and sends a little message to the former ITV Champion in the process. Like him or hate him (and most people hate him) Elijah Evans much like his former partner Ethan Case is finding some real success in PWX's singles division where many though he may be he member of Worst Case Scenario to fall by the wayside, the question remains Will Evans ever give James Drake a rematch at the ITV title and can Evans defeat The New Age Enforcer for a second time?


The Syndicate (Timmy Lou Retton & Devan Knight) w/ THE Tommy Thomas defeated Tough Guys ("Brutal" Bob Evans & "Tough" Tim Hughes)

Between 40 & 50 independent professional wrestlers of varying experience levels took place in "Hangs with Bob" a pro wrestling seminar conducted by "Brutal" Bob Evans prior to the show, fast forward several hours and Evans and his partner "Tough" Tim Hughes were in the mood for some fun but as we've learned very quickly The Syndicate isn't big on fun. Evans and Hughes dazzled the crowd with some 'magic tricks' and in retrospect further infuriated their opponents (mainly the monstrous Devan Knight) After a quick debate between 'the two Timmys" over who the real Timmy was The Tough Guys used their tag team continuity and experience early on to continue to frustrate Retton and Boss as the two used quick tags in and out. A tandem side slam gets an early two count on Timmy Lou but like them or not The Syndicate have something to prove and we've seen they aren't going away easily. The Tough Guys continue to isolate Retton while keeping Knight on the outside of the ring, Abdominal Stretch Superkick into a roll up from Hughes and Evans for another nearfall. Retton finally gets to his corner and the muscle of The Syndicate Devan Knight takes over with a vicious clothesline on Evans and a thunderous spinebuster on Hughes completely changing the tide of the match. The Syndicate with some tandem offense of their own as Knight throws Retton like a lawn dart into the corner on Hughes and now its Evans protégé who is isolated and at the will of THE Tommy Thomas' Syndicate. Hughes does manage to make the tag to Evans but Referee DA Brewer doesn't see it and The Syndicate take the opportunity to double team Hughes behind his back. Hughes fighting, scratching, and clawing to make the tag but Knight cuts him off and Knight plants him directly on the waiting knee of Timmy Lou. The miscue that The Tough Guys had needed came next though as Retton inadvertently struck his partner with his injured and casted wrist leading to a brief standoff between the two Syndicate members. Although brief, the disagreement was enough for Hughes to get to the corner and tag in Brutal Bob who went to work with elbows on both men completing it with a tribute to "The American Dream" as The Tough Guys took back control of the match. Evans keeps it going with a bulldog/leaping lariat combo and Brutal Bob bodyslams the mountainous Devan Knight!!! Evans and Hughes go for the win with a flipping rocket launcher that connects but Retton also connects with that cast to the back of Hughes skull and Timmy Lou covers as The Syndicate continue to roll in Premiere Wrestling Xperience.


Former PWX Innovative Television Champion "The New Age Enforcer" James Drake came to the ring next with the unfortunate news that Martin Stone was unable to attend the show therefore their 'Pure' rules match would not take place tonight. Drake wished Stone well and also made note that he looks forward to a future match with The UK star. To no one's surprise, The New Age Enforcer was still looking for a fight and he received one from newcomer to PWX Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Friedman was not shy with his feelings about the fans, the state of North Carolina or his opponent for the night even going as far as to say all the hype he's heard about James Drake seems to be "BullS**t". Friedman certainly has the attitude (and confidence in spades) but how would he fare against a pissed off James Drake?


"The New Age Enforcer" James Drake defeated Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Friedman brought enough cockiness for ten men but perhaps he should've watched a little more tape on The New Age Enforcer as the newcomer to PWX opened the match with a little slap to Drake's face, if you follow PWX you know there is nothing "little" about James Drake's slaps and Friedman found that out firsthand as the former ITV Champion laid in three chops that send Friedman running to the floor for safety. Drake looked to follow him with a suicide dive but Friedman side stepped it and instead Drake went back to the thunderous chops on the outside, Friedman managed to momentarily avoid the signature 'rebound forearm' of Drake but seconds later it connected and Friedman was almost completely out on the floor of the venue. Back in the ring and Drake hits a senton for a two count followed by a running punt that echoes through the crowd but Friedman gets an opening next following a brief disagreement between Drake and the referee. Friedman taking out his frustrations on those big hands of Drake focusing his attention on taking away those vicious chops and a strong part of the offense of The New Age Enforcer. Drake attempts to battle back with his non dominant arm but Friedman locks the southpaw in an arm bar and is doing a good job for the moment of stifling that explosive offense of The New Age Enforcer. 'Don't let the physique fool ya' is the mantra of Drake and what he can't do with his hands he does with his feet as he battles back with a beautiful dropkick and follows it up with a backfist and a penalty kick in succession for a nearfall. Drake continues to punish Friedman delivering booming chops (with his non dominant hand) but Friedman shows off his athleticism hitting a flipping piledriver out of nowhere nearly beating The New Age Enforcer in his PWX debut! MJF goes back to his game plan working the arm with a 'Fujiwara' armbar but Drake again with the heavy handed chops and Drake hits THE ORIGINAL DRILL BIT followed up by the Moon(pie)sault and Drake picks up the win in his own open challenge. Friedman gets the mic directly after the match and tells the referee that he is the one who screwed him out of the "W" and when he returns he will turn PWX into a "Combat Zone".


PWX Tag Team Champions The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude) w/ Coach Mikey defeated Roscoe Eat Lisa (Mikey McFinnegan & Zakk Sawyers) to retain the titles


By now the PWX faithful are used to and even look forward to the antics of one of the most popular tag team in indy wrestling The Ugly Ducklings, what they may have not been ready for was the equal amount of crazy and chaotic put forth by the well-established tag team Roscoe Eat Lisa. Those elements as you could imagine made for a chaotic, hectic, and hellaciously fun match between two outstanding tag teams. The action was 110 mph from start to finish in this one as Lude and Sawyers started out with double dives and then Lude and McFinnegan with a "Quack off" mid ring ending in double kicks dropping both men. McFinnegan and Killjoy now in the ring and they're keeping it above 100 mph as well with lightning quick offense, Mikey plants both feet in Killjoy's face but the off kilter one responds with an asai moonsault for a two count. Killjoy goes for a springboard back into the ring but Mikey catches him and plants him with a modified piledriver standing him directly on top of his head!!! Lude back in the ring now and hits a 'Lude Awakening' out of nowhere on McFinnegan, Lude looks to do the same to Sawyers but it's Zakk who hits a cutter of his own. No time to rest on your laurels in this one as Killjoy is back up and delivers a picture perfect Saito Suplex, Killjoy with no time to recover after delivering the suplex gets caught in a small package by McFinnegan and the two trade several reversals. The tag champs strike first out of the exchange as Lude and Killjoy hit stereo ensuguri and knee lifts and The Ducklings look to end it with the "Ducksday Device" but MIkey has it scouted avoiding the sure end of the match. Things get even more chaotic in this one (if you can believe that) now as Killjoy flies over the top and Mikey responds with an INSANE Asai Moonsault to the floor AND LANDS ON HIS FEET!!!! Roscoe Eat Lisa look to end things inside the ring with "Southern Fried Homicide" (assisted kryptonite krunch) but Killjoy is there for his partner to save the match and the titles. Zakk Sawyers looking to score with a move from the top rope but Killjoy catches him on the button with a standing dropkick and The Ugly Ducklings set up for a 'duck flip' but REL has that scouted as well, the champs adjust and Killjoy first flips Sawyers into McFinnegan and then Lude into both members of Roscoe Eat Lisa! The PWX tag team champions follow up quickly with the "Ducksday Device" on Sawyers for the three count and Killjoy and Lude get back on the winning side of things after a setback last month. The Ugly Ducklings celebrate as only they can with a SUPER DUPER KiSS party involving all four men AND COACH MIKEY! The celebration doesn't last long however as that aforementioned setback from last month in the form of The Syndicate and THE Tommy Thomas charge the ring blindsiding the champions. Timmy Lou Retton and Devan Knight lay out Killjoy and Lude and Thomas snaps the coach's clipboard in half as once again Tommy Thomas' clients have the final say so at 'Enter the Dragon'.


"The Southern Savior" John Skyler defeated "The Modern Day Viking" Gunner

 Ducks ETD

An old rivalry and an even older friendship wrote one last chapter up next at Enter the Dragon as former two time PWX World Champion 'The Southern Savior' John Skyler and former PWX ITV Champion "The Modern Day Viking" Gunner did battle stemming from an attack earlier in the night. It had been well documented up to this point that big opportunities lie ahead for both of these men in fact this was reported to be Gunner's last independent date and what better way that one last battle with an old friend and sometimes foe? The result was quite possibly the best and most competitive match these two have ever had with one another. Gunner charges early on with shoulder thrusts in the corner but Skyler fires back with European uppercuts, The Southern Savior evens the height advantage of Gunner keeping him grounded and delivering two sentons as the action spills onto the floor. Skyler and Gunner engage in a pure brawl on the floor throwing heavy blows back and forth and almost on cue as Brad Stutts and Kevin Pierce mention the former friendship of Skyler and Corey Hollis, Hollis appears to take his former best friend's mind off the match. Gunner takes advantage hitting a big spinebuster as Hollis takes in the action from ringside, Skyler battles back looking for one of his signature moves "Sliced Bread" but Gunner avoids it and delivers a big knee throwing himself on top of Skyler as Hollis yells for his former Xperience brother to punish a man who walked that same path with them. Skyler continues to keep his hands up and his head in the match as much as possible but Gunner looks to wear him down with an abdominal stretch and Gunner continues the assault driving Skyler's ribs and back into the hard ring apron as Hollis continues to challenge and chastise The Southern Savior. The Modern Day Viking goes to the top rope but Skyler cuts him off as he continues to battle and The Southern Savior connects with a HUGE super plex!! Both John Skyler and Gunner in a heap after the ring shaking superplex as Hollis continues to goad the two into an absolute physical war from the safety of the arena floor. Skyler pulls another move out of his playbook with the springboard spear for the closest thing to a three count we've had all match as Gunner and Skyler continue to show their skills in this impromptu battle. Gunner gets a head of steam but its The Southern Savior scoring again with some more big offense, this time a superkick right to the mouth but again Gunner kicks out. Skyler continues to look for that one big offensive move that is going to win him this match and we see Skyler go way back in the playbook to the DDT on the concrete floor which is sure to end the match in a count out but Hollis rolls Gunner into the ring at the count of 8 and right into a Pedigree attempt by Skyler but The Modern Day Viking isn't done yet as he hits an F-5 for a nearfall!! The playbooks of both Skyler and Gunner have nearly been exhausted as the first big move could win this one for either man. Skyler goes back to the springboard spear but Gunner catches him with a powerbomb having so much force that it actually knocks GUNNER back off his feet as well!! Corey Hollis screams at Gunner to go for a second powerbomb rather than go for the cover, The Modern Day Viking obliges spiking Skyler again and STILL that isn't good enough for Corey Hollis who wants a THIRD powerbomb. Reluctantly, Gunner goes to pick up a seemingly lifeless John Skyler for a third powerbomb but The Southern Savior scores with that one quick move they'd both been looking for being an inside cradle for the three count and a VERY hard fought victory. Finally following the match, Corey Hollis leaves the safety of the arena floor to berate Gunner for the loss and The Modern Day Viking powerbombs Hollis OUT OF HIS SHOES!!!! The PWX faithful give Hollis some of his own medicine chanting one more time and again Gunner obliges delivering a second towering powerbomb as The former ITV Champion and former PWX World Heavyweight Champion shake hands and show sportsmanship after another match that threatens to steal the show at PWX Enter the Dragon.


ReDRagon (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) defeated PWX World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young & Ethan Case


Former three time Ring of Honor tag team champions ReDRagon Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish headlined Enter the Dragon it being O'Reilly's first time back in PWX in several years and Fish's first time ever, opposing them were two sure fire picks for the Premiere Wrestling Xperience All-Star squad World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Henry and Ethan Case the only two winners of the annual X-16 tournament since its inception. The ovation from the PWX faithful was resounding for "Mr. PWX" Ethan Case who was stepping foot into a PWX ring for the first time in over 4 months following a serious ankle injury, this would be Henry and Case's first time teaming and with a potential title match looming (now confirmed for May 21st at 'What Lies Beneath' in Concord) how would the PWX A-Team fare against the seasoned team of ReDRagon? The PWX World Champion asks to start the match and Case has no argument saying "I wasn't going to start with Kyle" so O'Reilly and Henry will start off this tag team dream match. Henry and O'Reilly with some chain wrestling early on, leg trips, arm bars, and the result is a stalemate between the two talented grapplers. O'Reilly with a strong kick to Henry's ribs and the PWX World Champion retaliates with one of his own. The two continue to jockey for position as all four men have a laugh over the fact that Henry has three first names (or NO last name according to Bobby Fish) Both men tag out and Mr. PWX gets his first taste of in ring action in several months with a former ROH Television Champion opposing him on the opposite side of the ring. Stiff kick to the inner thigh from Fish stuns Case and a second to the hip and Case retreats to the corner dazed by the sheer force of the strikes from Bobby Fish. A pause in the action now as Fish takes a seat in the corner, Henry follows suit and O'Reilly one ups them all by perching on the top rope. Ethan Case proposes a truce No more streamer throwing if Fish agrees to not throw anymore kicks but that agreement doesn't sit well with the PWX faithful and Fish says "No Deal". Case mounts his first offensive attack following a bit of a cheap shot after a handshake offering, tag out to Henry and another quick tag back to Case as the X-16 Dream Team have Fish isolated early on and are working together like THEY are the seasoned tag team in this matchup. The PWX World Champion with a throwback from his partner's Worst Case Scenario's days hitting "The Move of the Night". Ethan Case back in now with a stalling vertical suplex for a two count and the quick tags from Case and Henry continue, O'Reilly makes his way back into the match now and he and Anthony Henry square off once again with the PWX World Champion lays in some stiff strikes but ReDRagon doing what they have to do to regain momentum in this one as Fish trips Henry up and the former ROH tag champions take control for the first time in the matchup. ReDRagon employing those quick tags now and cutting the ring off on the PWX World Champion, Fish and O'Reilly connect with double kicks to the sternum but Henry fires back leveling Fish with a forearm shot but Fish smartly grapevines the legs and makes the tag to O'Reilly who comes in and takes over punishing The humble Anthony Henry. The former ROH & PWG World Champion Kyle O'Reilly wears Henry down with an armbar and locks in a standing triangle choke but Henry creates an opening fighting out of it and he finds his partner Ethan Case in the corner who comes in with a clothesline and a snap suplex on O'Reilly. Case goes for the "Case Cutter" a couple of times but O'Reilly has it scouted and Kyle hits a booming knee to Case's face as the strikes continue to play prominent role in this tag team main event. Fish, the legal man now with Ethan Case hits a T-Bone Suplex throwing Mr. PWX into the PWX World Champion but finally Case connects on Fish with the "Case Cutter" and he tags out to the fresher man in his partner Anthony Henry who hits a top rope dropkick on both of ReDRagon. Ensuguri/spinning DDT combo from Henry levels both members of ReDRagon as Case regains some stamina on the outside, Henry goes for the "Kudo Driver" but Fish fights out only to be SPIKED with a short piledriver for a nearfall. Round three between O'Reilly and Henry now as they trade stiff forearms and kicks in the center of the ring. Case still unable to reach the ring apron but reaching for the tag to no avail as ReDRagon employ some tandem offense on the PWX World Champion, Case recovers to even the odds allowing Henry to hit a double stomp from the top nearly earning he and Case the three count but O'Reilly barely kicks out. Case hits "Eat it!" on both of the former ROH tag team champions and all four men find themselves lying on the mat as the effects of this tag team war take their effect on both teams. Case and Fish are the first to their feet and Case connects with the springboard case cutter followed by the release suplex but Fish kicks out and again ReDRagon avoid leaving PWX with the loss. O'Reilly and Henry back to their feet and O'Reilly with a sleeper on Case, Henry with a sleeper on O'Reilly and Fish adds one of his own for good measure. Fish with a German suplex takes Henry out of the matchup and Case is all alone with two of the best in the business. "Chasing the Dragon" by the former ROH tag team champions and Fish pins Case as ReDRagon pick up the hard fought victory. O'Reilly puts over PWX, the fans, and especially Ethan Case and Anthony Henry as two of the very best in the world.


After the dust had settled from a tag team main event that will become an instant classic in PWX, the entire roster takes their places around the ring and the fans stand to say goodbye to another member of the PWX family who is on his way to great opportunities. Referee DA Brewer we are genuinely proud of you, wish you well and we WILL be watching!



PWX returns to Cabarrus Arena & Events Center Sunday May 21st for 'What Lies Beneath' with Special Guest WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long! Matches are being announced via the PWX Facebook page and twitter so 'like' the Facebook page and follow @PWXWrestling and @The1andonlyJer for all the latest info!

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