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Full Recap: Rise of A Champion XII

Full Recap: Rise of a Champion XII

 Roc Main

The highest presale in Premiere Wrestling Xperience turned Cabarrus Arena & Events Center in Concord, North Carolina into the hottest ticket in town for the 12th anniversary super show Rise of a Champion XII. The show began with a chaotic, intense ladder match and ended with chaos in a falls count anywhere dream match between Sami Callihan and Jeff Hardy. Everything in between was top notch as the PWX superstars brought their very best to the jam packed venue and to the fans watching live on Ippv. We had one of the best PWX Tag Team Championship matches the promotion has ever seen, new champions crowned, The Revolt making their presence known and much more. Let's take a look at the full recap from Rise of a Champion XII and if you haven't yet seen it for yourself PLEASE! Go to the link at the bottom of the page and see what everyone is buzzing about! 

The tremendous commentary team of Brad Stutts & Ethan Case welcome the jam packed crowd and those watching on Ippv. Case says although he's still injured and cannot perform tonight we can still kick off Rise of a Champion XII with a STREAMER PARTY!!! Case and Stutts run down the LOADED card for tonight and we begin with what is quickly becoming one of the anniversary super show’s most loved traditions. The 'Opportunity Knocks' Ladder Match!!!


 Jason Cade from the ladder

6 Man 'Opportunity Knocks' Ladder Match

Chip Day defeated "The Revolutionary" Darius Lockhart, Tracer X, Colby Corino, Jason Cade, & 'White' Mike to win a future match of his choosing

The return of the 'Opportunity Knocks' ladder match for a second consecutive year was originally intended to give five athletes a dream opportunity that is until 'White' Mike put some "STANK" on the opening contest inviting himself to the party. Mike quickly realized as the bell rang and he stood high atop a ladder that he wasn't the biggest fan of heights, it was then that his five opponents welcomed him to PWX with thunderous knees, kicks, and strikes. The Revolutionary and Your friendly neighborhood Tracer paired off early and as was expected this one was pretty much chaos from beginning to end. CHAOS IN IT'S GREATEST FORM! The returning Colby Corino got some momentum early on as he and Jason Cade battled while Chip Day chose his opportunities wisely, striking hard and fast but it was Day who was also the first to open up the aerial assault. 'The Kick from Kennesaw' flung himself over the top rope onto Jason Cade, Lockhart followed with a flying knee to Day, Corino then upped the ante with a springboard flip, Tracer not to be outdone hit a springboard corkscrew as the capacity crowd chanted "PWX!". The wildcard in the match 'White' Mike again went for the quick win but was unceremoniously knocked off the ladder by 'The Flying Gambino' Jason Cade and again all six men were down. But not for long! In the Opportunity Knocks ladder match there is too much at stake to stay down for long! Darius Lockhart and Jason Cade formed a very temporary alliance looking for a doomsday device on Tracer but he hit a 'Poison' rana spiking Cade to the mat! Corino saw his opening grabbing the 10 foot tall ladder and ascending towards the guaranteed title shot contract but he was cut off by the former ITV Champion Chip Day. Day and Corino jockeyed for position and it was Day who drove Corino headfirst into the ladder with a knee to the back of the neck, The brash and cocky 'White' Mike finally got a little offense in going one on one with Day but a chop battle ensued and it's never going to end well when 'The James Dean of Professional Wrestling' is on the other end of that exchange. Mike abandoned the chop battle for a less traditional method i.e. trying to (in his words) "pull off" the manhood of Day and the ploy worked nicely as the urban  legend of the underground  'White Mike' hit the "Can Opener" to a big ovation from the crowd. Back atop the ladder, Tracer X and Colby Corino put it all on the line as X hit a wrist clutch superplex off the ladder. The Revolutionary Darius Lockhart as he had done all match smartly picked his opportune moment to pounce on his fallen opponents but then possibly looking to end Jason Cade's night went for a suplex onto a ladder suspended between the ring and guard rail. Cade blocked Lockhart's attempt to end his night early but may have effectively ended his own night with a high risk frogsplash from the 10 foot ladder onto a prone Lockhart! The thud in the arena was very audible as the ladder had almost no give on impact and you can question both men's game plan but you cannot question their will to do whatever it took to win this huge matchup. Surprisingly or maybe not so surprisingly, Cade recovered quickly and ascended the ladder towards the contract but Tracer X hit a springboard flatliner definitively ending Cade's valiant effort. It looked like Tracer was free and clear to achieve his ultimate opportunity but Chip Day intervened tying Tracer up on the ladder and with a stiff kick to the face, "Atlanta's Arrow" pulled down the contract for the ultimate opportunity that he's been looking for quite some time in Premiere Wrestling Xperience.


Carnies vs Revolt

The Carnies (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful) defeated The Revolt (Caleb Konley & Zane Riley) by reverse decision when Konley & Riley attacked The Carnies following the match

The rebranded Team IOU made their return to PWX under a new banner as "The Carnies" but Nicky Iggy and Kerry Awful are one of the most pure tag teams in professional wrestling, these two literally NEVER wrestle without one another. On the other side as Brad Stutts astutely pointed out the longest reigning tag team in PWX Caleb Konley and Zane Riley do not care if you like them, they simply care about their mission. Physically these two teams are as close as they get with Awful and Riley matching up very similarly and Iggy and Konley very much the same. The result was as PURE OF A TAG TEAM WRESTLING match as you will Konley and Iggy started out in a stalemate and then the two hosses were tagged in and a 'mirror battle' ensued with neither able to get the advantage. Iggy and Konley had the same idea coming in to assist their partner and it was The Revolt hitting 'Off with their Head' on Awful for a brief advantage but Awful was very ring aware and got the tag to 'The Ringleader' who took on both members of The Revolt singlehandedly until Konley and Riley used the numbers advantage to take over the matchup. Tremendous ring awareness by The Revolt as they refused to let Iggy tag his partner but The Carnies have that chemistry that can only be achieved riding the roads constantly, teaming constantly and knowing one another inside and out. When one team seemed to have the advantage in this one the other team came right back, this may be one of the most evenly matched tag team contests I've ever witnessed. Konley and Iggy squared off in what would be a tremendous 1 on 1 affair and again came out pretty even, then the big men took over and it was Awful hitting an 'Avalanche' but Riley had the wherewithal to get the 'Thumb in the Bum'. The Carnies looked to end the back and forth positioning The Revolt on the middle rope and hitting the 'Force Destroyer' but Konley smartly rolled out of range of the pinfall. The Revolt quickly took out Nick Iggy and turned up the offense as Riley hit the cannonball on Awful and Konley followed up with the Asai moonsault for the pinfall. All four very similar opponents stood tall in the center of the ring but Konley and Riley attacked hitting The Carnies with their own move, "The Force Destroyer". Referee Frank Gastineau had seen enough of The Revolt's actions and reversed the decision giving the win to Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful, though maybe not how they wanted to get the win. This is definitely a tag team battle that I would like to see continued at another time and settled once and for all.



THE Tommy Thomas was introduced by ring announcer Brett Wolverton and Thomas came to the ring alongside the longest reigning champion in the mid-Atlantic GOUGE Heavyweight Champion Timmy Lou Retton. Thomas begins to speak about "The Bubbas vs. The Othas" and how some "bubbas” were afforded championship opportunities while the "Othas" were relegated to preshow matches and Elijah Evans IV, The Guerilla Syndicate, Timmy Lou Retton and himself have gotten together and decided to do something about it. Thomas was interrupted by the return of "The Governor" Martin Stone who talked about his journey to greatness in PWX being delayed because he was given the honor last month to compete in the first ever WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament. Stone admitted that the tournament didn't go to plan but his journey towards greatness in PWX is back on. THE Tommy Thomas yanked the microphone from Stone and Stone yanked something of Tommy's as "Mr. 500" Timmy Lou Retton attacked and we the bell rings for this impromptu matchup.


 Martin Stone vs Timmy Lou Retton

"The Governor" Martin Stone defeated Timmy Lou Retton w/ THE Tommy Thomas

"The Governor" turned the tide early as the match devolved into a street fight with the 'World of Sport' veteran Stone getting the advantage but THE Tommy Thomas, as he tends to do; turn the tide for his man providing enough distraction for Retton to hit an ensuguiri on Stone. For those who are unfamiliar, Stone was busted open and possibly concussed by the exact same move in that United Kingdom Championship Tournament and it seemed to have a similar effect here in the early going at Rise of a Champion XII. Retton stayed tight on Stone delivering a double chop to the throat and keeping Stone grounded but the ultra-tough Stone battled back with suplexes and a vicious running European uppercut fighting his way back into the matchup. Stone locked in the crossface focusing on the head and neck of Timmy Lou but Mr. 500 found the bottom rope with his feet and struck back at The Governor with a roll through stunner for a near fall. Again, the match devolved into a back and forth brawl and the former boxer Martin Stone came out on the better end of that exchange hitting another huge suplex followed by a knockout punch that luckily for Retton knocked him to the apron. Although Stone had the advantage he encouraged Retton once again to engage in a brawl with him, Retton took the bait and Stone followed with a brutal headbutt and hooked Timmy Lou up into a slingshot spinning neckbreaker for the victory. Stone 'Double Dared' Timmy Lou to put his GOUGE championship on the line next time and encouraged Mr. 500 and THE Tommy Thomas to "Piss Off!” The Governor then finished his thought from prior to the match asking everyone to join him on his journey in PWX because tonight, "It starts!”


Evans IV vs Drake

PWX Innovative Television Title Match

Elijah Evans IV w/ THE Tommy Thomas & The Guerilla Syndicate defeated "The New Age Enforcer" James Drake (c) to win the championship

The reigning ITV Champion James Drake wasted no time with a suicide dive onto Montana Black and Devin Knight and a big shotgun boot to Elijah Evans IV as the bell rang nearly ending the matchup almost before it started. Elijah came back with a big boot of his own but Drake back body dropped him out of the ring where luckily The Guerilla Syndicate was there to catch Evans IV but The New Age Enforcer flew for a second time in the match, this time with a flip over the top onto all three men! Drake then relied on those heavy handed chops, some of the most brutal in the business, and kicked Elijah Evans IV directly in the spine as this one on one meeting has been a long time coming for the Innovative Television Champion. Evans IV went for a rollup with a handful of tights and nearly won the championship out of nowhere but Drake kicked out and continued the assault looking to end it with the 'Moon(pie)sault' but Evans IV moved and hit a spear followed by a beautiful top rope elbow as the challenger was the one on top now, hurting but still in this first championship matchup of Rise of a Champion XII. Evans IV with a waistlock looking for the blue thunder bomb but Drake bit the head temporary avoiding one of Evans signature maneuvers until he couldn't any longer and Elijah hit the BTB for a nearfall. Drake wears the ITV Championship with pride however and again the champion went back to his strikes hitting a picture perfect dropkick and another booming chop, Drake then looked to retain his championship once and for all with his signature move "The Drillbit". Evans had it scouted and avoided it for the moment as a battle ensued on the top rope with the challenger winning out lifting up Drake and delivering a "Muscle Buster" but again Drake kicked out at the last second. Montana Black introduced Evans' favorite weapon the sledgehammer into the matchup but referee DA Brewer intervened and Drake connected with the "Drillbit" but The Guerilla Syndicate interrupted the pinfall and as Brewer was clearing the ring Elijah Evans IV knocked Drake out with the Innovative Television Title for the three count to claim his first taste of singles gold in Premiere Wrestling Xperience.



Ducks vs Bruiserweights 

PWX Tag Team Championships Match

The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude) w/ Coach Mikey (c) defeated The Bruiserweights ("The Southern Savior" John Skyler & Corey Hollis) to retain the championships


It's no secret that in recent months things have been less than copacetic between best friends and tag team partners 'The Southern Savior' John Skyler and Corey Hollis so when the two men made their individual entrances to compete for the tag team championships it was no surprise. The surprise came when the 'Country Jacked' theme echoed through the venue for the first time in over a year and The Bruiserweights looked to be on the same page and ready to compete for tag team gold. Their opponents were celebrating one year since forming one of the hottest trios in professional wrestling and right away Coach Mikey let the raucous crowd know that "Ducks Fly Together". Ed E. Rueger was on hand to perform the entrance theme of The Ugly Ducklings live as tag team champions Rob Killjoy and Lance Lude entered on an inflatable duck accompanied not only by Coach Mikey but their third member Colby Corino as well, the stakes were high in this one and you could feel it from the very first note of this one. Killjoy and Skyler start out as the crowd goes back and forth cheering "QUACK!" for the ducks and jeering Skyler with chants of "Skyler Sucks!". Quick tags on both sides as both teams look to keep the fresh man in early on, Referee Kevin Pierce disallowed a tag to Hollis' foot in a rare moment of extreme rule enforcing opening the door for The champions to take over on Hollis feeding off the crowd but Lude looked for the 'Lude Awakening' early on and Hollis reversed it and again both teams tagged in their fresher man. Skyler landed several European uppercuts in the corner on both Killjoy and Lude, following with a spear that turned Lance Lude inside out as the former two time PWX World Champion was controlling the ring like very few can. The Southern Savior continues his assault hitting a sit out tiger bomb for a two count on Killjoy but the dissention of The Bruiserweights came to the forefront once again as Hollis was nowhere to be found as Skyler went for a tag and that misstep allowed The Ugly Ducklings to get themselves back into the match. Outside the ring, The Southern Savior is always known to play a bit of mind games and he did just that ripping the beak off "Quack Nicholson" the inflatable duck the tag team champions rode to the ring for this match. Back in the ring Corey Hollis was set to attack and now The Bruiserweights had Lude isolated and once again The Bruiserweights were looking like that well-oiled machine that they can be anytime they choose to do so. Hollis with a pinpoint accurate dropkick followed by a decapitating lariat as he and Skyler continue to cut the ring off on Lance Lude preventing Rob Killjoy from having an impact in the match. The mean streak of The Bruiserweights continued to grow as they were more in control and the challengers bounced Lude off the guard rail not once but twice, Lude is tough as nails though and avoided a third impact reversing the momentum and making the tag to "Off Kilter" Rob Killjoy who had to go it alone while Lude recovered. Killjoy was up to the task as he fended off both Skyler and Hollis and hit a huge flip to the outside onto both men and followed with a succession of crisp strikes on Skyler for a nearfall but too much is on the line and Skyler kicked out at the last possible millisecond! Lude back to his feet and he's immediately tagged into the match, The Ugly Ducklings hit the assisted monkey flip in the corner but again it's not quite enough to retain their PWX tag team championships. Lude went for a slingshot moonsault and was caught by Coach Mikey but both men were taken out by The Southern Savior with a suicide dive and now it's Killjoy at the mercy of both Bruiserweights. Hollis with a brutal chop block on Killjoy and Skyler locks in the submission but Lude pushes Hollis into both men to break the hold at the last possible second again and this is a bonafide war over the right to call yourself THE BEST tag team in Premiere Wrestling Xperience!! Tremendous tandem offense from The Bruiserweights as Skyler hits the 'Finley Roll' followed by a top rope headbutt from Hollis but STILL! It’s not quite enough!! Slugfest in the middle between Killjoy and Hollis and Corey spits in the face of Killjoy who licks it and fires back harder on Hollis. The Ugly Ducklings force a collision of The Bruiserweights and in a split second Killjoy and Lude connect with the 'Ducksday Device' on Skyler for the three count. Lance Lude's Birthday, The Ugly Ducklings anniversary and a successful title defense equals PARTY TIME! for The Ugly Ducklings! But what does a tremendous effort and coming up short mean for best friends Hollis and Skyler?

We wouldn't have to wait long for that answer as Corey Hollis attacked his fallen friend and brother John Skyler. Hollis effectively ended the tag team, the friendship, the brotherhood sending Skyler hard into the ring post and then into the guard rail delivering blow after blow until security pulled Hollis off as Skyler was left trying to find his bearings in the middle of the ring.


Hendrix vs Yung

Queens of Combat Showcase

Su Yung defeated Taeler Hendrix via submission


The Queens of Combat promotion was featured next as the ladies returned to action in Premiere Wrestling Xperience, two very talented ladies that is! The current QOC Champion Su Yung and her opponent Taeler Hendrix are developing quite the rivalry and they wrote another chapter at the 12th anniversary show. Yung and Hendrix began the match OUTSIDE of the ring and brawled outside the confines of the squared circle for a large majority of the match. Hendrix slammed Yung hard into the guard rail and began choking her as the two ladies fought back up the entrance way each of them had just come down. Hendrix continued her assault over by the bleachers (far from the ring) delivering a suplex on the hard floor of the venue maintaining control of the brawl for the time being. The two rivals made a beeline to the ring directly through a sea of fans and the battle continued around ringside with Hendrix in control until she grabbed Su's QOC championship lighting a fire under the champion for a moment but Hendrix choked Su and attempted a powerbomb either on the floor or the guard rail but Yung escaped and hit a superkick from the apron gaining control for the first time in the match as a chop battle ensued on the apron and a thunderous chop from Hendrix may have awoken the QOC Champion. The battle for position continued on the apron and finally for the first time these competitors brought the action into the ring and Hendrix immediately went for a cover but only got a two count. The familiarity of one another really shown through in this matchup as they both had each other scouted very very well. Each thunderous strike from Hendrix seemed to further awaken Su Yung. An errant kick knocked down referee Frank Gastineau and the brawl between these two performers ignited further with Su Yung locking in 'The Purge' (mandible claw/body scissors) forcing Hendrix to tap out following a tremendous brawl that surely won't be their last.


Henry vs Manning

PWX World Championship Match

Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young defeated 'The Manscout' Jake Manning (c) to win the championship


The Lethal Lovers made a memorable entrance to Rise of a Champion XII following years of climbing, scratching, crawling, and EARNING top flight matches against top flight talent, winning the X-16 tournament and the finish line was now! The reigning and defending PWX World Champion "Manscout" Jake Manning made his normal entrance but had perhaps a bit more focus on his face as he entered the ring as champion for the seventh time to cheers that his opponent would be "The Next World Champ". The challenger looked to wrestle his game early with a single leg but Manning played right into it and went hold for hold on the mat with Henry and actually controlled the early going looking for the piledriver very early to which Henry responded looking for the Kudo driver and the two men competing for THE PRIZE in Premiere Wrestling Xperience came to a stalemate. Brad Stutts and Ethan Case once again astutely pointed out that with all of Henry's accolades; the PWX World Champion himself has been on the best run of his career as well going into this match. The first big offensive strike of the night came from the challenger as he went for the "Low-pe" but connected with his girlfriend Amber Young instead of The Manscout throwing off his game a bit and the champion took over nearly earning a countout victory to retain his championship but Anthony Henry just barely beat the count. Manning jumped right on Henry with a big body slam followed by a middle rope fist drop, The Manscout then tied Henry up on the bottom rope dropkicking him to the outside and the smartly focused on taking the legs out from under his opponent. VIntage Manscout with the Indian deathlock applying pressure to the knee of Anthony Henry. Henry connects with an ensuguiri, his first big move since Amber went down early and Henry looked for a combo of kicks but again the champion looked for his signature piledriver and again the challenger escaped hitting the 'Air Raid Crash' and looking for his finisher the kudo driver but like his opponent, Manning avoided it once again as the back and forth over the PWX World Championship continued. The Manscout goes back into his bag of tricks with the top rope clothesline and then pulls out a surprise with a sunset flip bomb in the corner directly followed up by his signature combination but AGAIN, Henry kicked out at just the very last second. These two are definitively illustrating what you have to lay on the line to be the Premiere Wrestling Xperience World Champion and join that elite list. Manning again desperately looking for the piledriver but Henry avoids it and hits an air raid crash on the apron then connects with the kudo driver in the center of the ring, 1,2,..NO! The Manscout is not ready to relinquish that championship!!! The action spilled into the first row and the challenger drove Manning into the guard rail with a Russian leg sweep and followed up with a cannonball off the top rope to the hard, concrete floor. Both men are down, Manning almost lifeless and Henry HAS to get the champion back in the ring to win the championship!!! The process took too long and Manning intercepted Henry crotching him on the top rope and hitting a superplex for a two count and Caleb Konley and Zane Riley hit the ring!!! The Revolt attack both champion and challenger taking over the match as Konley sat in the middle of the ring and Riley announced "If you don't want to put us in the main event, then we will put ourselves in the main event". Caleb Konley caved Anthony Henry's head in with a chair before The Revolt took their leave and the PWX World Champion followed up with a piledriver that looked to end the match but Henry amazingly found a way to clear the cobwebs and kick out at 2 3/4!!! The Manscout looking for a second piledriver, Henry with the inside cradle for a two count and we are back to a back and forth strike battle in the middle of the ring. Manning gained the advantage and hit a third piledriver, this time rope assisted but AGAIN Henry would NOT GIVE UP! The Manscout went straight for a fourth piledriver but Henry rolled through with a jackknife cradle getting the pin and completing his journey to the top of the PWX hierarchy! A show of class following the match as "The Manscout" Jake Manning presented the new champion Anthony Henry with the title and giving a salute as he leaves the ring as a the King and Queen (officially now) of PWX celebrate the moment they have been working for three years.



Hardy vs Callihan

No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere DREAM MATCH

"The Callihan Death Machine" Sami Callihan w/ JT Davidson defeated "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy

JT Davidson stormed to the ring to introduce his 'Death Machine' former PWX World Champion, former WWE NXT Superstar Sami Callihan. Sami issued an open challenge to ANYONE, ANYWHERE and it didn't take long for that challenge to be accepted in a big way creating this first time ever dream match against former WWE World Heavyweight Champion JEFF HARDY!! As Hardy made his entrance not a single person was sitting in Cabarrus Arena & Events Center except perhaps for Sami Callihan who sat in the middle of the ring playing some mind games early with the former multi-time champion. Callihan quickly left his prone position hitting a suicide dive and Hardy responded with a basement dropkick and Hardy crushed a beverage over the head of Callihan as the two fought into the crowd where they would spend most of their time breaking things including each other’s bodies!!! The tables came out early as Sami jumped from the bleachers onto Hardy through a table, trash cans were used as weapons and anything (nailed down or not) was used to inflict pain and punishment in the pursuit of winning this first time ever dream match! Sami connected with his 'round the world' boot to the face and upped his game running the entire distance of at least half of the venue but was cut off by a boot from Jeff Hardy who took over and took the life of another trash can at Callihan's detriment but it was The Callihan Death Machine battling back hitting a powerbomb through another table for a two count as the very first war between Sami Callihan and Jeff Hardy waged on in every nook and cranny of Cabarrus Arena and Events Center. The two main eventers found their way into the ring and immediately Callihan was looking for more instruments of destruction and he hit the jackpot with a trash can and a kendo stick but who would be the recipient of said jackpot. Callihan connected with a kendo stick shot then looked to hit the "Twist of Fate' but Hardy countered with an attempt of his own that Callihan in turn countered. The two jockeyed for position and briefly it was Callihan connecting again with a running boot but Hardy looked to end it with a victory roll but only got a two count. The former WWE Champion then went into his bag of tricks with the 'Whisper in the Wind' again only for a nearfall. Then as if you can ever have enough we got ONE last table to sacrifice its life for this epic dream match to end Rise of a Champion XII. Callihan had seen enough tables as he closed the legs of the table as quickly as Hardy tried to set them up. This wasn't Hardy's first or even 500th rodeo with the tables though and he found a way to get the table set up and we got the answer to that question about the jackpot as it was The Charismatic Enigma who put Callihan in the trash (literally) and rocked him with the kendo stick a couple of times but Callihan somehow battled back, it's a wonder that either man could get to their feet at this point much less do what came next. Callihan set up the table and propped Jeff Hardy onto it but it was Hardy cutting him off and crotching him on the top rope looking for a superplex through the table! Callihan with headbutts and bites to the forehead of Hardy, more jockeying for position and Jeff hits the "Twist of Fate" twice setting Callihan on the table and splashing him through the wooden table yet again Callihan somehow kicked out!! Hardy ascended the top rope one more time, this time looking for the Swanton bomb on Callihan but The Space Cat got his knees up and connected with the a "Twist of Fate" of his own earning the three count and of the biggest victories of his career.


Callihan asked for a microphone following the match and talked about how much of an influence Hardy was on him and just how special the match we'd just seen was to the business. Sami told Jeff that "13 year old Sami would be jumping for joy right now". Callihan addressed leaving WWE and all the questions about why he would quit his dream job, listing the various stops of his weekend as he proclaimed "Independent Wrestling is PRO WRESTLING!!" the two warriors embraced in the middle of the ring after delivering on their first time ever dream match but the night wasn't over just yet... The music of brand new PWX World Champion Anthony Henry hit as he approached the ring and co-signed on everything Sami Callihan just said and offered his respect to Jeff Hardy in the form of a handshake. Henry then addressed Sami Callihan one on one congratulating him for a huge victory but noted that what he did earlier in the night makes him "THE MAN". Henry extended the invitation to Sami for Henry vs. Callihan II this time with the PWX World Championship on the line!!! The two shook hands and cemented a future matchup for the richest prize in Premiere Wrestling Xperience. Callihan called to end the show with a party and have Jeff Hardy sing a little something. Hardy took the mic and thanked everyone for a great experience, made a joke about all the "BROKEN" tables in the match and even through a jab in at WWE only to make a point that events like the one tonight ARE PRO WRESTLING!! Hardy then ended the show with a rendition of his "Obsolete" song as the PWX faithful sang along to end Rise of a Champion XII.


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