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Full Recap: Seasons Delete-ings

 Season's DELETE-ings

Full Recap: Seasons Delete-ings

Premiere Wrestling Xperience closed out a banner year with a return to Concord North Carolina and a visit from "Broken" Matt Hardy as Seasons Deletings ushered fans into the holiday season. "Manscout" Jake Manning, James Drake, & The Ugly Ducklings stood tall to end the year as champions going into the New Year and there was yet another FANTASTIC 4 Way. A chaotic final confrontation between The Revolt and The Bravados was one of the most brutal matches of the year and still we were left with plenty of momentum as we gear up for a brand new year. Here is the full recap from a show that was anything BUT 'obsolete'.


The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy, Lance Lude & Colby Corino) w/ Coach Mikey defeated Oi4k (Sami Callihan, Dave Crist & Jake Crist) w/ JT Davidson

 Ducklings vs Oi4K


Seasons Delete-ings began with a Christmas miracle performed by the Ugly Ducklings and the PWX faithful as Colby Corino was there to fight alongside his fellow ducks to end 2016. Oi4k were not amused by the antics and attacked The Ugly Ducklings and this was a wild six man tag to open the show. Callihan and The Crist’s nearly picked up an early victory but as they have so many times this year the ducks kept flying together. Colby FINALLY got up the nerve to hit the suicide dive, Killjoy and Lude used their unorthodox tandem offense to keep the tag champs in this fight but OI4k more than upheld their reputation of being up for a brawl with a tremendous showing. In the end The Ducks retained the PWX tag team Championships with the 'Ducksday Device' and Colby pinning Dave Crist to cap off an exciting and emotional opening matchup.


Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young defeated Darius Lockhart

 Henry vs Lockhart

Lockhart came to the ring without his new Revolt teammates perhaps making a statement that he wanted to ruin a phenomenal year for The Lethal Lovers who came to the ring side by side as usual. Henry and Lockhart had a competitive match that really showcased the skills of the young 'Revolutionary' Lockhart. The two went hold for hold with several near falls but neither could gain enough momentum to get the three count. An impressive back and forth pin and reversal cycle saw many more exciting near falls and then Henry switched to submission though Lockhart for a while was just as adept at escaping those. Lockhart and Henry got into a back and forth chop and forearm battle and Henry transitioned from a dragon sleeper into an arm bar to pick up the submission victory.



Timmy Lou Retton defeated Joseph A'Gau, Jason Cade & Dezmond Xavier

 4 way scramble


After being left out of the X-16 tournament the elegant gymnast came to Seasons Delete-ings to 'show and prove' and that's exactly what he did in a fantastic 4 way featuring three other top talents. A'Gau returned to PWX focused and left an impact as he always has in the past. Cade and Xavier put on a high flying expedition that would rival that of any show in the country and in the end it was Retton's athletic prowess and high flying with a beautiful shooting star press to make a definitive statement in his PWX return. (As promised)


Ethan Case defeated Martin Stone

 Case vs Stone

Two friends and fully gimmicked endorsed athletes went 1 on 1 next and to say Ethan Case and Martin Stone had fun at Seasons Delete-ings would be a tremendous understatement. Case exclaimed his confidence because he'd "been watching world of sport for three weeks" but early on it seemed like Stone's arsenal in the field was much more extensive than that of Case. Don't accuse Stone of being a party pooper though as he allowed Case back to his feet several times and even participated in a tutorial on how to properly throw a streamer party mid ring. Stone took a defensive position at one point and Case had no idea how to proceed but moment later Case himself tried the tactic and ended up wrapped in streamers. The action stayed scientific (and always entertaining) and ended with Case getting the win with an inside cradle


Final Confrontation

The Revolt (Caleb Konley & Zane Riley) defeated The Bravado Brothers

 Revolt vs Bravados

This final confrontation seemingly ended as quickly as it began but Harlem and Lancelot wanted a fight to end 2016 and that's exactly what they got. After leaving and being counted out early on The Revolt returned and the match was restarted with no disqualification, what followed was pure chaos that went all throughout Cabarrus Arena & Events Center. Tables, chairs, chains, ladders, trashcans and anything that wasn't nailed down was used as the former War Games partners finally had their war. It seemed as if someone was going to have to be permanently incapacitated to end this blood feud and in the end that is nearly what happened as Caleb Konley came crashing off the top rope with Harlem Bravado through a table which exploded in the middle of the ring. The Revolt got the win in the final confrontation and in the end (after medical personnel had to be called) Harlem was able to walk to the back with a little help from his brother Lancelot.


ITV Championship Match

"The New Age Enforcer" James Drake defeated Tracer X to retain

 Drake vs Tracer X

Two bonafide breakout stars of the PWX 'Pure' division clashed at Seasons Delete-ings with the Innovative Television Title on the line. Both James Drake and Tracer X have more than solidified their spot in Premiere Wrestling Xperience throughout 2016 with Drake claiming his first championship in the company a few months back and the high flying, exciting Tracer on his heels, the two have found themselves in multi man matches throughout the year opposing one another but in the final event of 2016 we got to see these two rising stars showcase themselves in 1 on 1 title action. Tracer X brought an even more electric performance to close out the year and used his speed to keep the ITV Champion off balance but this was a classic battle of power versus speed (though Drake has some speed of his own..."Don't let the physique fool ya"). Combine that with Drake's propensity to pull out new offense each and every time we see him, like a devastating spine buster and a Styles Clash and it was The New Age Enforcer turning back yet another tough challenge to end the year and remain the champion of a division that continues to churn out top notch matches each and every show for PWX.


Following the match Drake's celebration with the PWX faithful was cut short as three men in masks made their way to the ring attacking the ITV Champion with a brutal 3 on 1 assault. The men removed their masks to reveal the mastermind THE Tommy Thomas and his former (and now current client) Elijah Evans IV!!!! The third man remained unnamed but with 2/3 of Worst Case Scenario reformed going into the New Year what does this mean for Premiere Wrestling Xperience and more specifically the ITV Champion James Drake?


wXw Shotgun Championship Match

"The Product" David Starr defeated "Do or Die" Chip Day to retain

 Starr vs Day

2016 was a year which saw many of the best independent talents from around the world find a home in Premiere Wrestling Xperience and perhaps none of those have been more impressive or popular with the PWX faithful than "The Product" David Starr, who has had a string of outstanding performances throughout the last year. Chip Day is a PWX mainstay who much like Starr never fails to impress with his performances but will admit to not having the greatest win/loss record with the company in the last year; following a first round ousting in the X-16 Day was looking to make a big impression to end the year. Starr brought with him his newly won wXw Shotgun Championship after a recent successful tour of Germany and the stage was set for an international title defense at PWX. The Product would retain his championship ensuring a return to Europe at some point in 2017 but what came out of this matchup is simple, Chip Day and David Starr are two very valuable assets in a stacked roster of competitors at PWX. The two were evenly matched and had a back and forth matchup featuring thunderous strikes and chops that emphasized just how good these two are. In the end it goes down as another loss on the record books for Day, something he is looking to correct in the New Year as Starr hit a beautiful stalling German suplex with a bridge to retain.


The Bruiserweights (John Skyler & Corey Hollis) defeated Jimmy Rave & Sal Rinauro


2016 was a year that saw John Skyler and Corey Hollis do big things on a national stage appearing for both WWE as well as Impact Wrestling in addition to holding tag team gold in promotions across the United States but the 'brotherhood' between The Bruiserweights is on shaky ground in PWX as we enter 2017. It started last month at X-16 when the two had words about Hollis' apparent lack of passion and subsequent dissertion of his match on night 2. Fast forward to Seasons Delete-ings and Skyler had a tag match set up for his best friend and himself against two men who were very familiar to Hollis, Jimmy Rave and Sal Rinauro. Rave & Rinauro echoed Skyler's sentiment that they too couldn't get through to Hollis but they would just have to "get through" to Skyler in a different way as the scheduled tag match started as a handicap match for the former two time PWX World Champion. Skyler held his own against the two veterans but minutes into the match Hollis DID show up. Things were still palpably tense between the two best friends but they managed to work well together despite the dissention and gain a victory over Rave and Rinauro with Hollis tagging himself in to gain the pinfall for the team. Following the match, Skyler praised his friend saying "That's the Corey Hollis I want to see!' Skyler extended his hand but Hollis refused and left the ring alone. The Bruiserweights remain poised to be one of the top tag teams in professional wrestling in the coming year but can this tension be resolved or are we headed for a further dissolution of the brotherhood once known as 'The Xperience'?


PWX World Championship

"Manscout" Jake Manning and "BROKEN" Matt Hardy ended in a double pinfall

 PWX World Championship match


It has been rough going for The Manscout since winning the PWX World Championship, his championship celebration ended in betrayal as Caleb Konley and Zane Riley viciously attacked him in the middle of the ring and from there on out The Revolt have done everything they could to tarnish the title reign of Manning. With the prestige of the PWX World Championship comes challenges from top tier talent such as his opponent on this night at the aptly titled Seasons Delete-ings, "Broken" Matt Hardy arguably one of the most popular acts in professional wrestling made the trip from Cameron to Concord with the mission of DELETING 'the man who scouts'. After an evenly matched and surprisingly fair and balanced match from The Broken one and The Manscout it was once again marred by interference from The Revolt. Konley and Riley had clear intentions on ending the year by handing Hardy the PWX World Championship but the mind of Broken Matt Hardy is a BIG place to get lost in and he had other plans. Hardy refused the help of The Revolt and eventually felt their wrath himself as Konley hit Hardy with the PWX World Championship resulting in the double pinfall. Following the match Hardy and Manning joined forces to dispatch The Revolt to end Seasons Delete-ings as the PWX World Champion played the role of Brother Nero to Broken Matt.


Happy Holidays & Happy New Year from the Premiere Wrestling Xperience family to yours! Thank you for a great 2016, we look forward to sharing 2017 with you as well. We will return to Gastonia, North Carolina Sunday January 15th don't miss the PWX return of former ROH World Champion "Big Mike" Michael Elgin as we are officially on the 'Road to Rise of a Champion' our HUGE anniversary show coming up in February. Be sure to visit the main page as well as PWX Wrestling on Facebook and @PWXWrestling on twitter for all the latest as we gear up for another huge year.



Jer Polk


PWX Wrestling

Photo Credit: Robert Holt & Fisticuffs Photography


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