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Heightened Xperience: Top 5 Moments of Battlefield X

 Fly Cade Fly

Heightened Xperience: Top 5 Moments of Battlefield X

The Midwest crew of Gary Jay, The Viking War Party, and Davey Vega will be happy to hear them hitting a deer going 70 mph (preventing their PWX debuts) did NOT make the list this month but plenty of other moments at Battlefield X fought for a spot in this edition of Heightened Xperience. Let's take a look at where all these moments landed on this list.



5:Duck, Duck, GOLD!- The Chinese zodiac has the year of the dragon, year of the snake and year of the goat but 2016 has been the year of the DUCK! Rob Killjoy, Lance Lude, and Colby Corino have taken PWX by storm going undefeated in trios’ action and found themselves in a battle with PWX World Tag Team Champions The Bravados. With Corino occupied in the X-16 showcase it was up to Killjoy and Lude (with Coach Mikey!) to take that final step up to the top rung of the ladder. It was a wild finish involving the three premiere teams in PWX but The Ugly Ducklings turned out another electrifying performance to become new tag team champions, and that's definitely something worth quacking about!


4: "ALL THESE GUYS!"-  A match so nice, it made the list TWICE! Last year's winner of the X-16 tournament Ethan Case found himself without a match following the aforementioned accident of Gary Jay and the Midwest crew but in its place we got a show stealing 4 ways featuring just four of the competitors you'll see November 19th and 20th at the 2nd annual X-16 tournament. Case, Jason Cade, Colby Corino, and Tracer X went above and beyond thrilling the crowd in Hickory with match of the night honors. This was just a taste of what you can see LIVE in Charlotte or streaming LIVE on floslam.tv later this month. One particular moment took center stage, but more on that later.


3: Drake takes his Strap- It was just about 2 1/2 months ago that "The New Age Enforcer" James Drake gave "The Modern Day Viking" Gunner his toughest ITV title challenge to date, but that wasn't enough not for James Drake. We've seen Drake's star rise greatly over the last few months in PWX and the fans wanted one more shot and if we know anything, DRAKE TAKES HIS SHOTS! This was a hard hitting; competitive 10 minutes which saw Gunner nearly escape with the championship the same way he did a few months back, with a low blow behind the referee's back and a spear. At the last possible second Drake kicked out and delivered a 'Liger Bomb' followed by the ‘Moon (pie)sault' for the 1-2-3 the crowd erupted and Battlefield X had its second title change of the night.


2: The Revolt adds a Revolutionary- Following a victory over The Washington Bullets in tag team action Zane Riley and Caleb Konley took to the commentary table with a mission, to find the third member of The Revolt at Battlefield X! All night long Konley and Riley scrutinized the talent, paying close attention the 4-Way, and very close attention to the tag team titles match and then they made their move following an intense battle between Mason Maddox and Darius Lockhart. After Maddox broke his seven month losing streak with a low blow on Lockhart The Revolt saw their next member but things took a sudden turn. After being presented the armband Maddox was attacked with a jumping knee by Lockhart who seized the moment as The Revolt got themselves a Revolutionary talent.


1: FLY! Cade Fly! - Back to that X-16 4-Way showcase (and if you haven't seen it yet what are you waiting for?) Tracer x, Colby Corino and the only man to hoist the X-16 trophy so far "Mr. PWX" Ethan Case turned out a tremendous performance but it was the Florida standout Jason Cade who made a last impression with the PWX faithful at Battlefield X. It's been no secret in the handful of outings that Cade has had in PWX that he's a tremendous, exciting young athlete as evidenced by him becoming a regular fixture on the shows since mid-year. Jason Cade however had what many could consider a breakout performance at Battlefield X earning himself a spot in the tournament later this month. Cade threw his body around with reckless abandon and at one point climbed to the highest possible ledge in the Hickory National Guard Armory and doing what he does best inflicting maximum damage via air!



 X16 FloSlam

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